What It Takes to Be a Content Creator

The modern era of social media has created the new career path of the influencer. These individuals create online content to share with the masses – and brand collaborations are fruitful, too.

This episode of “New Money” with Spencer Dinwiddie and Solo Ceesay features Chavah Grant, Yanira Pache and Samya Mohamed, three content creators intimately familiar with what it means to be an influencer. The three explain their hacks for the balancing act that is maintaining their personalities in their content while appealing to changing audiences and dynamic trends.

Each influencer has to present their own unique qualities in order to present fresh perspectives in the saturated influencer market. Chavah, Ya Ya and Samya explain their content niches and preferred platforms. How can influencers remain genuine in an increasingly trend-focused social landscape?

“New Money With Spencer and Solo” is produced by CoinDesk. Our theme music is “Street Knowledge” by KC Carter. Art design is by Calaxy/CoinDesk.

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