Who we are

“Imagine” a world where you have complete control over your money and how you spend it, without worrying about a central entity controlling your money or having access to your privacy. 

“Imagine” a world where you can invest your money and see real profitable gains without worrying that your money will loose value and buying power over time. 

“Imagine” a world where everything is done in a matter of seconds through your mobile phone including sending money to family and friends anywhere in the world. 

“Imagine” what the future of money would look like! 

The world is changing at such a fast pace that we believe money in the future will not be “fiat” – paper money. It will be Digital Currency. That’s why our mission at Encryptoza is to empower people by providing them with the right education and tools to be well equipped for this new global financial eco system.

Our mission is to provide you with the financial literacy and make understanding blockchain and cryptocurrency simple.
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