Founded by Ryan Selkis in 2018, Messari provides crypto market intelligence products that help professionals navigate crypto/Web3. It sought to become the crypto industry’s equivalent of Crunchbase and the US Security and Exchange Commission’s EDGAR database, which contains company registration statements and reports among other documents, all of which are publicly available.

In late 2018, Messari launched a disclosure registry for token projects to publicly share information on things like token supply, token design, treasury management, team members, official communications channels and, if available, any audits of the technology. In 2019, the registry had 35 participating projects including Blockstack, Maker, polymath,  zcash, and zilliqa.

Today, Messari’s suite of tools includes Messari Pro and Enterprise, Messari Governor, and Messari Hub.

The company’s two subscription-based plans – Messari Pro and Messari Enterprise – provide quantitative and qualitative solutions. Pro subscribers can access research reports covering DeFi, smart contracts, Web3, NFTs, and more. It also allows subscribers to unlock additional metrics and functionalities on the screener, charts, and watchlist tools.

The Messari Enterprise plan offers all of the features of the Pro plan, as well as exclusive market intelligence features, or Intel, which allows retail investors and institutions alike to track all major events, changes, and protocol decisions across 100+ assets.

Messari Hub is an evolution of the company’s original disclosure registry which allowed token projects to publicly share information to readers. Today, Hub allows crypto organizations including funds, infrastructure providers, protocols, and projects to fund asset-specific research and technical deep dives for broad distribution.

Messari Governor facilitates voting participation through many governance frameworks for protocols and communities including Uniswap, SushiSwap, Compound, OlympusDAO and many more. Through the platform, users have access to proposal trackers and pages ahead of future offerings including governance participant profiles, treasury trackers, governance events calendar, and many more options.


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