From Bachelor to Crypto Bull: The Matt James Story

“All my life, I’ve gotten to where I’ve gotten to by doing things that other people wouldn’t do … putting myself into situations that could make or break me.”

TV personality Matt James is used to putting his head, heart and resources on the line, whether it’s on the romantic reality TV show “The Bachelor” or investing in crypto. A self-described risk-taker, James wasn’t afraid to jump into the deep waters of crypto and start investing in bitcoin. Since his first investment, he’s become an all-out Bitcoiner, as he sports the emblematic laser eyes and the all-important #Bitcoin callout in his bio.

James helps kick off the first installment of “New Money” with Spencer Dinwiddie and Solo Ceesay, CoinDesk’s new series exploring the intersection of blockchain and social media in the modern age. In this episode, James reveals his journey in crypto and speculates on where blockchain technology could go next.

“New Money With Spencer and Solo” is produced by CoinDesk. Our theme music is “Street Knowledge” by KC Carter. Art design is by Calaxy/Coindesk.

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