First Mover Asia: Bitcoin Barely Budges in Weekend Trading

Good morning. Here’s what’s happening:

Market moves: Bitcoin moved little as major markets in Asia head into the weeklong lunar New Year break.

Technician’s take: BTC is stabilizing between $30K and $40K as oversold conditions remain intact.

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Bitcoin (BTC): $38,033 +0.1%

Ether (ETH): $2,617 +1.1%

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S&P 500: 4,431 +2.4%

DJIA: 34,725 1.65%

Nasdaq: 13,770 +3.1%

Gold: $1,792 -0.2%

Market moves

Bitcoin moved little over the weekend with light trading volume, as the majority of the markets in Asia head to the weeklong Lunar New Year holiday.

At the time of publication, the oldest cryptocurrency is changing hands at over $38,100, up slightly over the past 24 hours, according to CoinDesk data. Ether, the second biggest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, was trading over $2,600 up slightly over the same period.

Data compiled by CoinDesk shows that bitcoin’s trading volume across major crypto exchanges sank significantly over the weekend compared with the past week.

The lunar New Year, also known as Chinese New Year or Spring Festival, is the new year based on the traditional lunisolar calendar of China. It is celebrated by many countries in Asia and the celebration usually lasts for weeks. Major stock indexes in China, Hong Kong, South Korea and Singapore are closed for the Lunar New Year holiday, as most traders take the time off for family reunions.

While the crypto market is 24/7, trading activities in Asia may see some reduction in the coming week due to the holidays.

Technician’s take

Bitcoin Holds Support Above $35K; Resistance Near $40K

Bitcoin (BTC) buyers have maintained support at the Jan. 24 low of $32,900, and then held above $35,000 over the past few days. Short-term momentum is improving on intraday charts, which could keep buyers active.

Still, longer-term indicators are neutral/bearish, which could limit upside at the $40,000-$43,000 resistance zone.

For now, the relative strength index (RSI) on the weekly chart is approaching oversold levels, similar to what occurred in March 2020, which preceded a price rally. This time, however, the monthly chart indicates strong selling pressure that could maintain BTC’s intermediate-term downtrend.

On the daily chart, the RSI has risen from oversold levels since Jan. 22, which could attract short-term buyers.

For confirmation, traders could monitor the Nasdaq 100 Index of stocks, which has short-term support at $14,000. An oversold bounce in traditional markets could be a near-term positive for crypto prices as correlations rise.

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