Fighting Back Against Data Centralization

The internet has played a significant role in shaping the way people live today. Just about everything a person does with their lives is connected to the internet – be it work, activities, lifestyle or entertainment. However, large corporations control our access to the internet. And these organizations collect our data and then sell it through centralized systems.

These companies such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google manage most of today’s network services. They store people’s data, including behavior and history, free of charge. This data is collected by these networks’ centralized systems and is either managed, studied or used for different reasons. This personal data may be exposed to cyberattacks, system glitches or poor human management.

It is clear that people’s data has real-time economic value in that companies analyze and manage this data in their databases. Several factors are used to evaluate individuals, such as a person’s lifestyle, which is returned in the form of services. This shows how important and how valuable this data actually is.

Jasmy is an Internet of Things (IoT) company that aims to change all that. By building a decentralized system through blockchain technology, Jasmy aims to protect and secure people’s data. Jasmy’s concept of “data democracy” creates value by allowing users to exchange, store, use and access their information based on their preferences. This helps fight data centralization and protects the consumer. Jasmy envisions an era where personal data can become a unique asset, meaning that everyone’s data is theirs and theirs alone.

How it works

Jasmy is creating an environment where data can be exchanged securely through an IoT platform that includes computers, phones, cars, and even AI (artificial intelligence) speakers. The IoT platform consists of many applications that allow users to run and use their data as required.

Jasmy’s first product is its Personal Data Locker (PDL). This will provide private users with the private key to recover their personal data and share it with whomever they choose. An AI speaker will use a PDL that no third party can access. This way, data will be utilized effectively, and privacy will be secured. One of Jasmy’s other general products is the Secure PC, which responds to the ever-growing need to protect data from hackers rather than making use of it.

Jasmy’s two unique core services are the Secure Knowledge Communicator (SKC) and the Smart Guardian (SG). An SKC can centrally manage information that belongs to numerous individuals by following the concept of data democracy. Jasmy has built a device that assists in managing an individual’s data for them. This new environment will help owners of IoT devices and individual users control their own data and with whom they want to share it.

The SKC has three main utilities: (i) personal authentication and registration, which grant the use of the blockchain provided by Jasmy; (ii) the allocated management of personal data safely on a smartphone or blockchain; and (iii) offering users the ability to transfer and trace their own data freely.

The Smart Guardian (SG) allows IoT devices to be easily and securely registered in the original blockchain network. Users can then send and receive detected and measured information and send and receive commands for remote control. The SG also incorporates a dual structure of unique blockchain and distributed management storage where data can be safely kept and managed.

Personal data has real value: The goal is to give that value back to the people and not to the vast corporations that currently benefit. Its secure IoT platform will play a significant role in bringing about this change and restoring trust in the data that drives the internet.

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