Don’t Listen to Celebrities Shilling Crypto, Says Binance Celebrity Ad

Binance has launched a new ad push ahead of the Super Bowl featuring NBA star Jimmy Butler. The message: Trust yourself and your own research, not celebrities, when it comes to investing in cryptocurrency.

In a teaser on social media, Butler says celebrities advertising crypto “don’t know you or your finances” and urges consumers to “trust yourself” and do their own research.Binance said it has chosen celebrities for its own campaign that are known for their honesty and independence.Binance will launch the full ad campaign with Butler on Feb. 7 ahead of the Feb. 13 Super Bowl, though the company won’t air an ad during the game.The game, however, will feature the first Super Bowl ads from Binance rivals FTX and Crypto.com, which have previously used Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen, and Matt Damon, respectively, in their ad campaigns.Crypto.com’s $100 million campaign featuring Damon entitled “Fortune Favors the Brave” has come under particularly withering attack on social media for comparing the risks taken by great explorers and adventurers to investing in crypto.Binance’s campaign will include an interactive element for audiences and include other “notable” celebrity partners that will be announced soon.Thirty second ad slots for the Super Bowl are estimated to cost $6.5 million this year, according to Variety.

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